Trap-Neuter-Return in West Virginia

Kathy Stone, West Virginia, United States

We are a small group in Jackson County, West Virginia. We have been doing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for five years. We usually do TNR two days a week for big runs and sometimes have the chance to do one or two cats between there. We also maintained a foster program until July 2018. We have fostered and adopted almost 500 felines. We were forced to discontinue the foster portion and return to TNR duties only. We feed two colonies of feral cats 3 days of the week.

Today, on Global Cat Day, we have 12 community cats at the vet. We trapped them last night during a rainstorm in West Virginia but we got our quota of 12. They will be sterilized today, along with vaccination and ear tip. They are #2258-2269. Not bad for two trappers, a husband and wife team !! And today is his birthday!! 60 years old, celebrating helping more felines have better lives. He loves it that his birthday falls on Global Cat Day every year.