Thrift Store Raises Money for Spay and Neuter

Christopher Chrisawn, North Carolina, United States

After spaying cats of strangers for years, we opened a thrift store and are selling all our personal collections to raise money to spay cats in our county, which is one of the poorest in the state of North Carolina. We have spayed 8 cats so far, not including the ones we spayed ourselves before we opened a shop. Over my lifetime have rescued more cats than I can count. We are unable to be on the front lines, as it just eats us up too much, so this is how we choose to help. We are not a rescue. We pay for strangers’ cats to be spayed. We look on local sites for people giving away free kittens and then offer to pay for the mother to be spayed. We spay through a local rescue PAWS of Rutherford County NC. We hope to grow and be able to spay more and more! You can check out our Facebook page at

P.S. Korben is our 5-year-old son, our miracle, who has the most amazing connection to animals anyone has ever seen especially with cats!