The Story of Randy

Richard Musson, Illinois, United States

I would like to tell you the story of Randy.

Two years ago at the end of October a cat showed up on my back deck. The cat was obviously looking for food. I have pet cats so I had food. He ate like 5 or 6 of the small cans of wet food in less than 15 minutes. I was afraid he would go someplace and throw up so I stopped feeding him. After he left I put out a full dish of dry food. That too was gone in the morning. I kept thinking, “What is going to happen to this poor guy?” He is an all black cat – Halloween is coming, and this is Chicago, winter is coming. I made some phone calls and got a hold of a small not-for-profit Precious Pets Almost Home. The person I talk to happened to live at the other end of my block. She told me about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). She gave me a trap. We trapped the cat and took him to Anti Cruelty. He got neutered, microchipped, and vetted. He was then released into a Feral House down the block from me. I was told he was accepted into the house and was getting along with the other residents (I should say this was the Beverly Hills of Feral Houses. Multi rooms/ some heated/ Heated food dishes etc. etc.). With-in a week or so he was back looking for food at my house. I decided he liked the wet food from me more than the dry in his Feral House. I continued to feed him. I would sit on the stairs from my deck and feed him on the sidewalk. He was not more than 5 feet away. It got so he knew my schedule. He would greet me when I got home form work. I would go into the house and get him food and sit by him when he ate. In the Middle of December – I went to a football game. They were saying on the news that it was one of the coldest ever at Solider Field. When I came home Randy greeted me like he always did. I remember saying to him it is way to cold to be our here. Go home. I know you live in a heated house – go there. So anyway I went and got him food like I always did. I sat down on the stairs and put down the food like I always did. He did not want the food. He jumped into my lap started rubbing his cheek on my chest and started purring. I said Oh My God – there is no way this is a Feral cat. This is someone house pet that found himself living in the alley. I when to the pet store and got what I need to set-up a separate closed room for him. I coxed him into a carry case and brought him into the house. With-in a week or so he was no longer behind closed doors. The next day he and my younger cat were joined at the hip they when everywhere together. I am a firm believe in the fact that you do not pick your pets….. your pets pick you. I am grateful Randy chose to adopt us as his family. He is a great addition and a simply amazing Cat. We all love him dearly.