The Cats of Ark Animal Rescue

Henry Rockwood, Georgia, United States

I volunteer at Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption in North Augusta, South Carolina. This is a small no-kill shelter with around 20 dogs and 50 cats available for adoption at any one time. While most of our 20 regular volunteers spend the bulk of their time with the dogs, I am one of two or three people devoted to the cats. There are five main rooms for the cats and each room has a screened porch for the cats to access. There are also two smaller rooms for mother cats and their kittens to use as needed. Like most shelters we go through periods when adoptions are rare, but we were able to send 13 cats to fur-ever homes during the months of July and August 2018. Occasionally people will bring us cats and kittens that have been trapped at local colonies. We usually try to socialize any kittens and put them up for adoption. However, it is our policy to return adults to their colony after spay/neuter. For more information please visit