Kathy Hogan, Maryland, United States

Meet Tango. She found me when I moved into my small house. I saw this skinny cat sneaking around the house and started feeding her. She was ravenous and only let me get close to her when she was eating. Then I noticed she had teats, this tiny skin-and-bones kitty. She had her kittens off the ground and always left to feed them after she had eaten. When she moved them, we saw that she had SIX kittens. With lots of help, we caught the kittens and found them homes. I caught her and had her spayed. She decided that she liked living indoors and I was glad to have her.

I now have three cats and she rules the roost here, in the middle of everything. When I am studying, she lies down on my papers and steals my pencils and highlighter. She has brought joy to my life.