Taking in Cats and Kittens

Clarence Feinour, Pennsylvania, United States

The first cat I had for 14 years was named Stinker. He was a stray that someone didn’t want. I had put some food out on my porch and this cat came up and was eating it. I petted him and opened my door and he ran inside and ended up being my best friend for 14 years. When he got sick near the end, I fed him with a spoon and took him to the vet until I could tell it was his time to be put to sleep. At that time the vet had a litter of kittens and asked if I wanted one. I decided to take two boys, but in the end they were all girls so I ended up with Stinky and Dinky.

A few years later, Roger Rabbit came into my life if but a short time. Roger was another stray cat with a limp. He too ended up on my porch and I let him in like I did with Stinker. Unfortunately, Roger had a health problem and he died on the operating table at the vet. I only had Roger for 18 months but I still miss him.

So it was just Stinky and Dinky, until Inky came part of the family. A neighbor was taking care of a new kitten and asked me if I might take him. I decided I can handle three, so I took Inky in. The vet says Inky has a heart murmur, but you couldn’t tell the way he’s always running around. He’s a small cat that’s fun to have as part of the family.

There is also one feral cat that the neighbor caught and took to get neutered. I make sure I put food out for her everyday and even in the winter when I have to walk through a foot of snow.