Suburbs to the Country

Mary Shelhamer, Iowa, United States

We moved from the suburbs to the country six years ago with one dog and one indoor cat. It all started when a cat had her kittens in our barn in the fall of 2013.

We started putting food out for them. When we could catch them, we had them spayed and neutered. They became our three permanent barn cats.

We found that our neighbors weren’t believers in spay or neuter, and we soon had mother cats bringing their litters to our barn for the food. Along with this, random strays also came along. We cannot always catch the cats or afford to get them spayed or neutered, but we do what we can.

This year we have had three litters of kittens that we brought into the house. I managed to find homes for most of them through work, family and friends. I currently still have two nine week old kittens who need homes. I feel overwhelmed sometimes but keep doing the best I can.