Samantha, Shadow, Lyla, Anna, and Elsa

George Stradtman, Pennsylvania, United States

Only one of the six cats with whom I’ve lived as an adult *might* have been considered as adoptable. As for the others:
(1) Samantha was a very timid 2-year-old black cat, on “death row” at a “shelter” due to assessment that she was “vicious” and “antisocial”. She was understandably terrified of that environment, did remain very shy during most of the 15 years that we shared together, but eventually bonded very strongly with me. She was infinitely gentle throughout our time together.
(2) Shadow was a feral kitten when she was taken in by children whose parents moved overseas and left her in my care when she was two years old. She had never been socialized to adults and was openly hostile until Samantha became her close friend and showed her that it is okay to be petted and cuddled by humans.
(3) Lyla had been re-homed several times before she entered my life when she was about two years old, apparently due to the unprovoked bites that would occur without warning. We were together for about 14-15 years, and eventually became “best buddies” after she was diagnosed as hyperthyroid and received proper treatment.
(4) & (5) Anna and Elsa are my present feline companions, bonded litter-mates who were rescued from a feral cat colony when they were about 6 months old. I adopted them when they were 1 1/2 years old. They have been here about four months, and in that time Anna has reached the point where she will allow me to pet her and run a grooming comb through her fur. Elsa remains very fearful but has only recently begun to come out in daylight hours… even though she will won’t allow me to touch her except at feeding time. I engage them in playing “kitty laser tag” at night, and it’s my hope that Elsa will sooner or later decide that it’s okay to associate with her human.