Rebecca Kissane, Colorado, United States

Rudy was a true alley cat. We were living in an apartment in Chicago and I went to throw some garbage in the can in the alley when I heard a cat meowing. He came running up to me, this dirty young cat, meowing like he was trying to tell me something.

I went inside and brought out food and water for him. He was gone when I returned. I told my husband about him. He ran into a neighbor, who ran a pet-sitting service, a few days later and asked her to keep an eye out for him. She called a week later and said she had found him and had taken him to the vet to be examined and neutered. She also asked if we wanted to have him.

I’m allergic to cats and we already had one cat, but I love them. “I really shouldn’t,” was my response. My husband looked at me and said “Miles could use a buddy. ” Of course, I couldn’t pass him up. Such an adorable blond-ginger kitten, about 6 months old, had to come home with us.

He moved with us to Colorado the next year and enjoyed a peaceful life of playing and cuddling with us, hanging out with us on our patio watching the birds and squirrels. He loved people, so he often jumped the fence to meet them! Everyone who met him loved him. What a character.

Rudy passed away about one month ago, aged 16, due to a cancerous tumor in his jaw. We remain heartbroken, but we have never regretted adopting our alley cat who brought us so much joy and laughter.