Christine Eustaquio, Philippines

Rex walked into my life when he came to our back door looking for food. He wasn’t like other strays I was feeding. He was tamer. He stayed on sleeping in the small room outside and at 6 months, I had him neutered.

Two years later, as I was about to go up, I wondered why Rex didn’t come for his meal. I called out his name and he meowed back. I found him lying outside the garden. He couldn’t get up. It was 9 pm and I wondered whether I should rush him to the vet or wait until morning. But I couldn’t dispel my worry so I decided to drive him to the vet. It was timely. His bladder was as big as a golf ball; he couldn’t pee on his own! To make the story short, he stayed a week at the vet’s, came back home then went to vet again and finally had to undergo a urethrostomy.

I spent a fortune on his hospitalization and surgery. My cousin even told me to put him to sleep. Who spends a fortune on a stray cat anyway? But I couldn’t let Rex die. I knew I could scrounge for the money. Today, Rex is healthy and spoiled. However, he stays indoors now and loves staying in my bedroom and sleeping with me and my four dogs. The dogs tolerate him and he doesn’t mind them. I’m glad I helped him live! ❤