Rescuing a Mom and Her Kittens

Cynthia Beaudin, Massachusetts, United States

I rescued two kittens and a mother cat from a terrible situation where they had thrown the mother cat out and stopped feeding her, hoping she would go away.  They gave me the mommy cat and I went back the next day to rescue the kittens. The owner would only give me two of them; I pleaded and even offered to pay $50 for the other but they refused. I found a great home for mommy cat,who is now known as Autumn. My brother took a kitten whose name is Wally, and I kept the other one who is 4 years old this year and whose name is Baby.

I had two others at home, Myles and Molly, who I had raised as kittens. Myles has since passed at 17 and Molly is still with us at 15. I recently took another rescue whose name is Sampson, he’s 9 and lost his owner to a nursing home. We are in the process of becoming one happy family; however, the females aren’t taking too kindly to Sampson invading their home at this time.