Zakiah A. Dullah, Malaysia

If you ask how I make impact on cats lives, I have an easy answer: I save strays, adopt, neuter and give them a home.

But how a cat changed my life? Let me tell you a story!

At the time I adopted Ommo, an adult female stray cat through Facebook, I already cared for more than 30 strays. I don’t plan to add anymore, but this particular cat is really something. From what I know, Ommo would rarely eat or drink for months, but she didn’t die. Also, Ommo was rarely mobile. She didn’t move much and stayed in the same spot for almost 6 months. Her foster searched for a new family through Facebook and I volunteered. Under my wing, with enough tender loving care, Ommo ate and ran after only a week!

To my surprise, Ommo made me realize my hidden potential. I am a zoology undergraduate and my first job was as a pet care consultant, while my expertise is pet nutrition and behavior. Why didn’t I do something about it? So I ventured into pet business so I can help empower pet parents about proper pet ownership and, alongside, raise awareness for strays! I used to only use my knowledge for the cats I saved, but by empowering others, indirectly I can help more. Together, I am limitless.

I am forever indebted to Ommo for making me realize that passion combined with knowledge indeed is impactful.