Neighbors Work Together to Help Cats

Tracey Mallow, Ohio, United States

When I moved into my neighborhood, two kindhearted neighbors were feeding cats. As much as I love cats, I know how fast a few ?? can become many ????.

Through Capitol Humane Society, I attended a feral cat session and started making plans to spay and neuter our little clowder.

With a couple live traps, I caught Tippy, Nikki, Blackie, and FB. I took them to the spay and neuter clinic off Sawmill Road. They specialize in feral cat treatment so it made it easier to take them and pick them up in the traps.

In a few months time, with help from my neighbors, we had all the cats spayed and neutered .

Through the years, the cats have sheltered in our garages during harsh weather with the doors half-cracked for easy access.

I ended up taking another two kittens, Cupcake and Cookie, inside and socialized them.

Over the years a few kitties have passed on, so we are down to just one garage.

To celebrate I take a bag of cat food to my neighbors in October to celebrate Feral Cat Day as a way to thank them for their continued support and kindness.