Kim Walton, New Jersey, United States

At my neighbor’s, there were three feral female cats that kept having kittens. I got a hold of an agency that said to bring the cats to get fixed and bring the kittens into the garage in a cage with the mother. Eventually, the agency took in all the kittens except one.

This one kitten was older and would run away. The kitten got an eye infection and was not drinking water because she could not see. I took the kitten in now that I could catch her. My cat had passed away a year before that, so I had no pets at the time. I put a warm compress to her eyes many times a day for a month. Her eyes got better. I took her to the vet to get fixed and get her shots.

I adopted her. Her name is Misty. My daughter named her. Her grandmother and two other female cats make the three musketeers outside. They are all fixed. Misty can look out the window to see her family. She is happy remaining inside and I am happy to have her as part of my family.