Missy and her Kittens

Donna Farrell, British Columbia, Canada

A woman at a house near me asked for help with four cats that were abandoned. There was a mother cat (Missy is her name now), two little 12-week-old kittens, and a 5 month old kitten (Shila is her name now). The cats were sick and thin and feral. I asked a friend to borrow her traps and proceeded to train the cats to eat out of the traps for one week prior to setting the traps. The day finally came to trap. All four were trapped the same day. Mother Missy was sent to foster care to determine if she was pregnant again. The two little babies went to foster care. Shila the 5-month-old went immediately to the vet to be spayed. I brought Shila to my house and proceeded to tame her immediately. She was with me for three months and by accident she escaped my house and was missing for 3 weeks. In the meantime, Mother Missy was determined not pregnant and was spayed. She was then brought back to me. My intent was to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) back to where she came from and continue to feed her. She was placed in a huge kennel on my property with an insulated house. I kept her for three  weeks and then released her. Then to my surprise Shila came home! I was thrilled to death! My baby girl found her way back to my house after escaping. Needless to say, neither Missy or Shila would come into the house. They had no interest in leaving my yard and stayed. My husband built a beautifully insulated house for them and a shed that would be wind, snow and water proof. I sit with them always and taught them what toys are for and that petting is a wonderful thing. They are the happiest cats now. They are healthy and gorgeous. These cats would have faced certain death due to illness only after becoming pregnant to many litters of sick kittens. They now have a stress free happy life.