Lauren Theuerkauf, Illinois, United States

While walking one of our dogs in August of 2013, we noticed what appeared to be a dead kitten in the middle of Main Street. As we got closer, the kitten lifted its tiny head an meowed at us! Cars continued to race above the little ball of fur. My husband quickly jumped into the road and stopped traffic. He slowly scooped up the kitten who fit perfectly in the palm of his hand.

The female calico kitty was covered in fleas and even had an allergic reaction to their bites in several places where tiny red rings had begun to form. My husband and I had no idea how to help. We had both grown up in dog-only homes.

We were completely clueless about cats. My husband made a late night Walmart run and returned with several cans of Fancy Feast, flea shampoo, several toys, and a food dish.

The next day, we took the kitten to our veterinarian and discovered that the furry feline was just 2 weeks old. We then learned about KMR and the proper food to feed kittens. We decided to name our new fur baby Miracle.

After we brought Miracle home from the vet’s, our three-legged dog, Penny, cared for Miracle as if she were a pup. Penny would place her front leg around Miracle as she slept and would growl at our other three dogs if they got too close. The pair have been inseparable ever since. Miracle even learned to give kisses just like Penny!

Miracle recently celebrated her fifth birthday. Not only is she the queen kitty of our hearts, but Miracle also inspired us to adopt three additional cats (Olaf, Sven, and Adeline). We are so blessed to have her in our lives!