Milo and His Playmates

Michael Blizard, Virginia, United States

My wife’s sister found a tiny kitten hiding under an outbuilding at a dog park. She called us and of course he (Milo) has a forever home.

I have always loved cats. We had six, but old age has gotten the best of us. I have to say, all have been part of the family for 15 to 18 years. I know they can’t stay forever, I wish they could.

So back to Milo the kitten. One year later, the two older cats can’t keep up with him. He needs a playmate. We were off to the local shelter, and they have four kittens. Now how do you choose between them? So we went back home with four kittens. It even helped my two older ladies—they had to act like mothers to them all. So my little family grew from two to three to seven.

And don’t forget the three feral cats that live on my front porch. I haven’t been able to get near them, but they get all the food they want, and happy living in little houses on the porch.