Mare Island Cats

Maggie Tan, California, United States

There are several colonies of stray cats on Mare Island. Many of these cats look like they were abandoned by humans. A year ago, we started feeding the strays. We were told not to feed them as they will reproduce. The answer is simple. “Cats will reproduce whether you feed them or not.” Actually, feeding strays regular cat food – especially canned food prevents them from killing too many of the local small animal population, i.e., river rats, birds, etc. We usually mix dry kibble and canned food – and sometimes roast chicken and chicken stock. Kitties were lucky to have several supporters – Doug & Virginia, Dan, Lisa, and several other folks who donated bags of kibble and canned food. I also give them plenty of fresh water daily. Recently, it got to a point where we needed help… we needed help catching these kitties to take better care of them. I have tried approaching several agencies, but none were available… or cared. On 14 August 2018, we finally managed to get some kitty lovers to come over to Mare Island to assess the situation. Over the next several days, the stray kitties will be caught – spayed and/or neutered – then evaluated for adoption. Those who are not ‘adoptable’ will be released back at the same spot – where we will continue to feed them.