Lorna & Zamora

Eileen Small, Massachusetts, United States

We moved into our current home 6 years ago. The first night, we noticed a mother cat & 2 kittens in the woods near our house. Over time, we only saw one kitten who was curious. I started feeding her nightly. We had her trapped, fixed and returned to live in our yard. One day, she showed up with a friend who we believe is a stray. He was friendly and I could pick him up. I brought him to the vet and had him fixed–we searched for owners with no luck. Today, both Lorna & Zamora stay primarily on our 3-season porch. They have heated beds, fresh food & water and are completely bonded with each other. Both like hugs & pets, and get along with our 2 dogs. My hope is I can eventually transition them to being full time indoor kitties.