Let’s All Live Together

Cindy Binckes, New York, United States

I am a cat trapper and rescuer. I have fixed 200 or more cats. I pay for them with my own money and sometimes get help from some of the shelters. I raise kittens and deworm and deflea them and when they are sick or have eye infections I get the meds to help them. Cats are free roaming animals, which means they are allowed to roam free without worrying about people hurting or bothering them, but people seem to think they can hurt them or relocate them. That is a death sentence for them, which is cruel and really rotten. Everyone has to stop dumping cats and fix their animals.

If everyone was kinder and had a soft spot for these poor innocent animals the world would be much better and so would the cats! Let’s all live together; it’s our world, animals and people