Kitty Station Alpha

Suzanne Glover, Alabama, United States

Mello was the second cat I TNRed in what became known as Kitty Station Alpha… my feral cat feeding station next to a large big box store in town. I drove by an empty lot on the way to the store one day when I spotted a cat.  I called a friend in cat rescue and asked what I should do. She said go put food where you saw the cat… I did, and that day changed my life forever.

With friends from Forgotten Felines Huntsville, KitKat (young female) was trapped the following weekend… and about a week later I saw another cat in the same empty lot. He became known as Mello (short for Caramello…you know the candy bar). Over a period of 5.5 years I created a feeding station out of plastic pallets, Rubbermaid totes, tarps, etc. I got in my car everyday and planned every absence to be covered… those cats did not miss a meal or fresh water. When we moved, I looked only in areas where I could still easily access my feeding station.

I TNRed well over 15 cats; some were probably dumpees and we adopted them out. Others were fixed and returned to the feeding station never to be seen again. BUT…no more babies! Mello remained wary of humans over the years, but after losing his best friend he began his quest to become an indoor kitty. The last 6 months he was outside were intense, working with him everyday to gain his trust. Two days after Christmas 2015 he let me touch him for the first time. Three weeks later he was in a cat carrier on his way home. My husband had doubts and concerns (hey, we already had 6 cats) but three years later, that cat is the light of this house and our hearts. A blessing for sure and a reminder of how resilient these creatures are. He has feline siblings he adores, a place to lay his head at night, and people who couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s the best cat ever and he knows it!

P.S. – There are still two cats left from my time and they are currently being taken care of by great animal lovers in buildings nearby. They keep them well fed and cared for.