Roxanne Coryell, Indiana, United States

I went to the tool crib at work one day in mid-July to get something repaired. While I was waiting, I heard some frantic cries from a tarp-covered cage on the floor—the maintenance crew had trapped a kitten. All I could see was a tiny, dark shape and shining eyes from where I was, but I’d already heard enough to know it needed help! I asked if I could come in the crib and see the kitten, and they told me they were taking it to the pound. I begged them to let me take it home with me, because it was feral and would probably be euthanized. I keep a carrier in my car (just in case!) and they had to use welding gloves to transfer the kitten, who looked to be about 3 months old and was fighting like a tiger.

My plan was to socialize the kitten, no matter how long it took, then find a loving forever home for him/her. It took a little patience, and understanding to gain his trust, but the reward was priceless! I took him to be neutered, got all his vaccines, and make sure he’s protected from fleas and ticks even though he’s an inside cat. I found him a loving forever home, here, with me. His name is Jonesy.