Hurricane Florence Kittens

Linda Reckers, South Carolina, United States

Four scrawny three-week-old kittens were found under our shed — 2 the day before Hurricane Florence and 2 a day after Hurricane Florence. We brought them into our home and decided to care for them rather than turn them over to animal control. The littlest male was very frail and died shortly after being treated for coccidia at a local emergency vet office. At the first vet visit, all three were treated for coccidia (even though only one showed symptoms). All three were tested for FIV/FeLV and at the time, were positive for FIV. Initial FVRCP vaccines were administered to all three kitties; boosters were scheduled plus a retest for FIV 60 days from the date of the visit. We are so relieved that we did not take them to animal control where they surely would have been euthanized. They are thriving (in their cushy environment with plenty of healthy food, loving human interaction and stimulation) and already have homes.