Hard-to-Trap Mama Kitty

Susan Paul, Nevada, United States

Carson Tahoe SPCA has an active Trap-Neuter-Return program. We have several feeding stations and shelters caring for several colonies in our community. One area that is located behind a Pizza Hut is the most difficult to trap at, due to property owner denying access. We had to set our traps outside the perimeter. We had been caring for a beautiful tortie we named “Mama Kitty” for several years. Twice a year she would bring her newest litter to us through the fence but she herself would never go into a trap, no matter what we did. Two years ago we were again trapping in the area and set a drop trap for her. For some reason she let her guard down and we were finally able to get her! Today she is a healthy beautiful girl who shows up every morning for her wet food breakfast and enjoys her outside life.