Shamsi Rategh, South Carolina, United States

I met Gordy two years ago when I started volunteering with Sunset Felines. He was a cat that fed at one of seven managed colonies in the area and although he had lived his whole life outdoors and had seen the worst in people, he was still one of the most loving cats I’ve ever known. Gordy had been trapped, neutered, and returned (TNR) when he was a kitten (the litter was abandoned in the area) and back in March of 2018 I decided that I would bring him indoors and give him a forever home. The neighborhood where he fed was getting more dangerous by the day and his arthritis from living through damp winters was taking a toll on his 6-year-old body. I was so surprised at how well he acclimated to his new life and he loved, loved, loved everything about indoor cat life with all of his heart.

Unfortunately, my sweet Gordy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in July and although I miss him everyday, I am grateful that he crossed the rainbow bridge knowing what it felt like to be safe, well fed, warm, and loved. I will always wish that I had had more time to spoil him but am honored to have met him in the 1st place and I will never forget him. I hope that his life and story helps others consider getting involved with their local TNR group.