George Chooses his Home

Kyle Ullman, Indiana, United States

George, a very handsome long haired male Siamese was abandoned on a 20 acre property I purchased in 2007. When I moved there he would follow my dogs and me, sliding and skipping through the trees at least one hundred feet behind and well above us. For 6 years he would never come close, nor would he accept food or water. I worried tremendously about him each winter…allI could do was wish him well. Finally, on a rainy May day in 2013 I saw him limping up towards my abode. He was wet and bedraggled, and appeared to be pretty sick. I knew it took a lot of courage for him to come in. I began feeding and watering him immediately. At first he would hide under a van and I would push the food under the vehicle’s bumper. I would stand and talk to him, making sure not to bend down or startle him in any way. Eventually he let me feed him in the open, but he continued to be wary of me. It is now almost the end of 2018. George comes in at night and sleeps in a recliner in my TV room. He tolerates my dogs and my other cat. George is still afraid of my male roommate, and freaks when he wears a baseball cap backwards. George was obviously badly abused by some male(s) when he was a kitten. I have no idea when, or if, he will ever be completely trustful, but when he is being sweet he is a joy.