Heather Smith, Maryland, United States

We had an ear tipped feral show up in our backyard and basically stay. We had noticed many ferals running through our property, but didn’t ever do anything about it. This ear tipped feral, whom we named Funnyface, changed everyone.

Funnyface was extremely skittish, but also always around. We got her shelter and food. Then we decided that we needed to do our part in TNR, and through our vet, some local feral cat advocacy groups, and lots of research, we spayed and neutered 30+ cats and adopted out tame strays and kittens from our little colony. They all migrated to our yard where we had condos and shelters and feeding stations for up to 15 cats. Funnyface was still always skittish, but enjoyed having company and even felt comfortable enough to sometimes hop in our dining room window to nap on a chair with our indoor cats.

One of the feral cat advocates figured out who originally cared for and got Funnyface spayed and ear tipped. She put the person in touch with me. This person had to move away and entrusted another neighbor to be sure and feed Funnyface. Sadly, that person moved away shortly after that. Miraculously, Funnyface wandered a few houses down through some fences in backyards and lots of trees, and decided our yard would be her new home! Her old caretaker would sometimes come to visit and we would sit in the back yard, while Funnyface hung close by, staring at us. She recognized the person that loved and cared for her before me.