Freddy the Feral Cat

Bob Belt, Florida, United States

A Special Tribute: Twelve years ago today, I met this cat. Although our friendship was only for a few short years, I will remember him always. Freddy taught me the importance of patience and trust developed between humans and felines. He showed up in my life one day and would end up leaving an unforgettable impression in my heart. He also played an important part in the acceptance of TNR in our local area. His life was represented in a power point presentation that was given to our county officials and all the officials in the cities within. He played a major part in the acceptance of TNR in our area. So Freddy not only changed my life, he also helped more felines than he could have ever imagined. This is a tribute to him and all the education he provided to so many. One day in the distant future I will look forward to sharing his affection again and telling him all about it… We Miss You Dear, Freddy……..