Four Kittens in a Shed

Jennifer Hurst, Georgia, United States

We found four feral kittens living in our shed with no sign of the mother cat. They were trying to survive on their own so we started feeding them. We later found out the mother had been hit by a car near our house.

One of the kittens kept getting tangled up in a tarp we had covering our son’s go cart. Every time we freed him he just ended up back in the tarp and trapped, so we took him inside. We noticed a few days after that one of the remaining three kittens was seriously injured and wasn’t going to make it. When he passed, we managed to use the one we took into the house to get the other two out from under our shed and get them in our house.

It cost us a small fortune to get them all fixed being we just moved to the area and were starting our lives in a new town. But we knew we didn’t need them to be breeding with each other. There are two boys and a girl. They are very good cats without much training and will eat anything you give them. They are very spoiled siblings.