Fostering in Philadelphia

Pamela Luce, New Jersey, United States

Our story began with the help of a wonderful rescue called Stray Cat Relief Fund located in Philadelphia Pa. we have had over 20+ cats in our neighborhood TNR’d since 2016, I accidentally met Karen (a very important part of SCRF) while having our own cats fixed at a local shelter. I reached out to her about all the cats in our backyard and she taught me to trap and arranged for them to be vetted, with her guidance we fostered the ones that could be socialized until they could be re-homed. We still foster and are usually wall to wall in litter and hairballs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have learned a lot during this journey, we currently are fostering several cats, including an FIV + cat and an FELV + kitten that we hope will retest negative in November. We also have shelters, and still feed our backyard TNR’d ferals, and trap and fix any newcomers. We love all the cats that have passed through our lives. We may not be able to save them all, but there is always room for 1 more.