Elvis, Beltre, and Emily

Geoffrey Rhodes, Texas, United States

Hi, my name is Geoff Rhodes and I live in Stafford, Texas a suburb of Houston. I have two indoor cats: Toby, a good-sized male shorthair and Sweetie, a delicate tuxedo female.

I discovered a small white and gray feral cat at my front door one night in early spring 2017, and I began leaving dry food for her (as I discovered later). Long story short, I soon found her litter in a corner of my backyard between the cedar fence and a built-up flower bed. I counted six kittens. Eventually only three would survive, and through my cousin, I found a couple who were familiar with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and we were able to wrangle (this is Texas after all) mom, the three kids and two almost identically-colored large brown-and-white males into traps and have them all fixed. This all occurred in early summer 2017 and I got us all through Hurricane Harvey and a cold (for south Texas) winter. I had named the male kittens Elvis and Beltre (after two players on the Texas Rangers) and the female tuxedo Emily, and all three are social with me, unlike the adults who are very feral. Elvis disappeared early in the spring and I hope he found a nice home. And then Emily left around the end of June and I miss her the most. The picture is of Emily and Beltre.