Dedicated to Helping Cats Despite Hardships

Daniela Bress, Salzgitter, Germany

For about 20 years now I trap feral cats, let them be neutered, and release them back. I build forage huts and provide food every day of the year, and deworm and treat as many of them as possible against fleas on a regular basis. I care for about 40 cats at different places, mostly at industrial estates and a work premises of a large local company. (They gave me my own identity card that allows me to pass the plant security control.)

More than 25 years ago I started to neuter cats and dogs of people with low incomes; often I pick them up, drive them to the vet, assist during the surgery (I’m a nurse), manage the follow-up treatment, pay the bill, and bring them back to their owners when they’ve completely recovered. All my own cats and the dog are rescues, not wanted by anybody else. (I always try hard to find them new homes before I keep an animal, because the less animals I have at my home the more I can help elsewhere.)

It started with a poor old soul, nearly starved to death, and will go on until the day I die. Meanwhile I’m chronically ill and struggling with the pain but I’ll keep on working for the much needed money for their food, medicine, veterinary bills, the car, gas, etc.