Cats are Loving

Nina Diamante, California, United States

I have had cats for 60 years. Cats are loving. Always with their owners all their lives. My cat comes and looks for me for us to eat together. When I am in pain she always knows and comes and either sits on or cuddles up to where my PAIN is to alleviate it. She has learned to talk to me and I understand her language and she understands English and Spanish. She sleeps with me and cuddles up. She worries about me and when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night she comes with me. She was the kitten of a feral mother and probably would have died years ago had I not adopted her. I would adopt other cats but she would be jealous as I am her human. This is her home and I am just the unpaid servant to buy and serve her food, buy and keep her litter box clean, pay her rent and give 100% Love.

My previous cat passed away at 16 yrs old and we have a funeral for her, my son made a coffin for her and she is buried under a flowering tree in my son’s backyard.