Cat Advocates in Moscow

Anna Feldman, Moscow, Russia

We are writing to you from Russia. This country does not have a law on the protection of animals, and there are many cases of cruel treatment of animals. We established a cat advocacy organization in Moscow, the first one in Russia. Russia does not have any government Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, and many people feel strongly against cats. We free cats from the basements with bricked-up ventilation holes, thus saving their lives. We have made a lot of efforts including legislative initiatives; as a result, appropriate amendments were made to the federal rules of building management, and Moscow City authorities issued a directive that allows cats to stay in the basements. Besides, as part of our outreach activities we have drawn up notes about cats and give lectures about cats for the Muscovites. Moscow city cats now have their “mouthpiece,” and we do all we can to make these wonderful animals popular.