Angel in Mumbai

Terry Mefford, California, United States

Oh my goodness!! Charu Shah is an angel of compassion who lives in Mumbai, India. I have done cat rescue for 40+ years…BUT!! What this remarkable, brave woman does is beyond belief! EVERY night she goes out ALONE to feed “the street cats of Mumbai.” While she is a vegetarian due to her faith, she cooks and feeds the cats chicken, rice and they also get kibble. SHE HAS NO HELP!!! What she faces is overwhelmingly sad and depressing. But she cries and goes on.

The injuries and illnesses she sees and deals with would make the most seasoned cat rescuer feel faint. This angel helps them all. She has major veterinarian expenses. She has to order things online that she cannot get in India to properly care for the cats. Things we take for granted; simple things like KMR, wormers, meds, etc. If there is anyone, anywhere going above and beyond…it’s Charu Shah!!! She is an angel on earth for the street cats of Mumbai, India.

She also gets them spayed and neutered, gets them treatments they need like laser or nebulizer treatments. This lady goes out alone, nightly from about 9 pm to 1 am because the cats will come out. Many people see them as a bad omen there. So many people need to be educated and Charu does that too!! She constantly tries to educate the public. She faces a myriad of challenges, roadblocks, and obstacles. But never gives up!