A Strong Belief in Trap-Neuter-Return

Mary Lane, Florida, United States

A young mother cat had three babies in my outside shed. The boy ran off after he was weaned, and two little girls were left. They were wild and both got pregnant at the same time and they were not even 6 months old. We wound up with eight kittens. We immediately started to socialize the kittens, took all eight to a foundation that did neutering, along with the momma cats. We adopted out all eight kittens in pairs. We had to trap some of the grown-up cats, take them to be neutered and let them go. That summer my partner and I arranged spay/neutering for a total of 18 cats. We still take friends and neighbors’ cats for neutering when needed. I strongly believe in trap, neuter, and return practice. If all of the females we have had spayed had birthed kittens, we would have thousands now!