A Few Stories

Lydia Guimaraes, Florida, United States

I have so many stories they could not fit in here! I will pick some.

Juju, a cat I had for 16 years, was found by my daughter and her friend in a trash bin in South Beach. Against the odds this female cat survived and was like family to us for many years! So happy and amazing.

A few years later my daughter and her boyfriend found a newborn cat under a truck’s tire in Miami. This was 17 years ago. His name is Chi, he is 17 years old, healthy, energetic, and adorable all his life–and friendly!

I have another 2 rescues I adopted. My soulmate was Ziggy, a wonderful Russian blue; he lived for 17 years along with Juju and I still miss him!

I know a girl Holly, she lives in North Miami and has fed about 15 cats with her husband for about 10 years. She has trapped and neutered them. Now I help them for the past 2 years, going two or three times a week with food and water!

Cats are wonderful and we can learn a lot from them!