A Calling to Care for Cats

Elizabeth Longhitano, Ohio, United States

My story started over 15 years ago while I was on a lunch break walking through a park. An older woman was calling out for some cats. She had chicken she wanted to feed them. A few pieces of chicken for a large colony of cats. I went to the store and bought a bag of dry food to help feed them. I found myself returning the next day and, after a few days, I was the only one showing up. The dear elderly woman had done her share of feeding those cats. There were a few other special people dropping by now and then. As far as I can tell, this colony has been here for around 30 years. Before I came on board, the cats were just eating, multiplying, and being sick. I set up shelters and began Trap-Neuter-Return. I went from 31 cats down to 19 and then 4. Someone dropped off a pregnant cat so I am back to 11.

During these years, I’ve had drop offs that I found homes for and plenty of kitties I found good loving homes. To this day, adopters stop by to let me know they took one of the “park cats.” I am known as the “cat lady.” The cats themselves are beautiful and for the most part healthy and happy. I have 4 cats now needing spay/neuter and hope to catch them soon. I am getting old and I’m hoping some young girl will someday walk into the park, offer to help me feed, and take over this colony. Peace to me is knowing these cats will live their lives in a caring, loving environment.