10 Years of Trap-Neuter-Return in New York

Linda Starkey, New York, United States

Hello from Pavilion, New York. My name is Linda and at the present I care for a small colony, only six kitties. I was up as far as 16-18, but over the years, because they all have been spayed or neutered, they have dwindled away. The winters are very harsh and last year I lost two, my precious Reggie and courageous Tigger. Both were up in their teens and had health problems.

I had a very gracious landlady who gave me the use of a storage shed for a shelter. She even put in a “doggie door” for the cats to come and go. The floor is covered with wood shavings and lined with my little styrofoam shelters. I am so blessed to have a patron who sends me some money once a month to pay for neuter surgeries, food, medical care, etc. I have been able to have three cats neutered, and get medical care for Reggie and food whenever I need it. The remaining six cats are all socialized and come twice a day to be fed.

Thanks for allowing me to tell a little of my story. Oh yes, I’m 78 and been doing this for over 10 years. I love Alley Cat Allies, also.