October 16

Fight to End Cruelty Worldwide

Taking Action After Australia Cat Massacre

Rosie, one of the cats shoot on the Breakwall

In the Port of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, at least 12 beloved and cared for community cats on the Port’s breakwall were maimed or killed by a contract killer hired through the Port Authority in late 2020. These cats’ lives mattered. But in an instant, their lives were taken in an act of unspeakable brutality. Alley Cat Allies is working with Australia’s Animal Justice Party to seek justice for these innocent cats and protect cats across Australia from vicious lethal policies.

“The Australian Government should be supporting community cat caregivers running Trap-Neuter-Return and care programs,” says Emma Hurst, Animal Justice Party, Member of New South Wales Legislative Council. “Overseas, these programs have proven humane and effective as proven by the work done by Alley Cat Allies.”

Learn more at Alleycat.org/Australia