Join with over 100,000 advocates before the end of Global Cat Day.

All cats deserve the chance to live but some simply aren’t given the opportunity.
Today, you can do something about that…

Thousands of animal shelters have outdated policies that result in millions of cats and kittens being killed each year by the institutions that should be saving them.

Together, we can stop this. These helpless animals are being killed simply because they do not have anyone to stand up for them.

Global Cat Day® (October 16th) was just the beginning of our efforts to create a community before the end of the month to come together as a community of advocates to put an end to this atrocity.

You can stop the killing by helping us reach 100,000 signatures.

The first step in making change is joining together, as one voice, to advocate for the lives of all cats. Together, we will affect change. City officials across the nation need to hear the resounding voice of Americans who are against cats being needlessly put to death.

Will you join with 100,000 others to be the voice for defenseless cats who have no one else? Choose the principles you stand for below and add your name.

I believe that all cats have the right to live their life. Whether they live indoors or out in the community, all lives are precious.

I believe that humane and non-lethal programs are the right approach to managing cat populations. There are many viable methods to use with cats in all environments that don’t involve death.

I believe we must take action to ensure no more lives are lost. From educational programs to policy initiatives, we must ensure those in position to make change have the knowledge and tools to do so.

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