Whether you’re dining in Istanbul, relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean, working on a farm in Kansas or walking the avenues of Washington, D.C. there are cats who need your help.

Millions of community cats, or feral cats who live outdoors, are killed each year in animal shelters after people take them there.

They don’t realize these cats live and thrive outdoors. Owned, adoptable cats are at risk, too. When they end up at animal shelters, they are often killed because the shelter lacks the space, resources, and programs to care for them. For this and so many reasons, Alley Cat Allies is here to protect cats.

Alley Cat Allies is the only global advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and saving all cats.

We ensure communities, shelters and veterinarians have what they need to launch programs including spay and neuter clinics and Trap-Neuter-Return. We work with advocates, public officials, and people like you to create a world where cats are valued and protected.
There are so many ways to love and help cats.

You can advocate to help make sure the cats in your community are protected with humane policies, adopt or foster a cat from your local shelter, carry out TNR, and more!