October 16

Fight to End Cruelty Worldwide

Action One


You can support cats everywhere! Start by helping us with the following:

Watch and share our Global Cat Day videos that reveal the truth about community cats.

Sign our pledge to support local laws that protect community cats, and share it with nine friends, family members, or Facebook contacts.

Follow Alley Cat Allies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to see more content and get all the updates on the Global Cat Day campaign.

Action Two


Our goal is to get as many people as possible to sign the pledge, and we need your help! Check out some simple things you can do with just our cat-tastic Global Cat Day poster:

Make our Global Cat Day 2017 poster your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Share our poster on social media using #GlobalCatDay, #alleycatallies, #catsofinstagram, #communitycats, #choosecompassion, and #futureisfeline

Print it and post it. Hang up our poster in your office for all of your coworkers to look at, appreciate, and make them wonder where they can get one, too!

Action Three


Many people mistakenly think that every cat they see outdoors is a candidate for adoption. Many community cats are not socialized to humans and can’t live indoors. The fact is, unsocialized cats taken to shelters are never adopted. The right place for these cats is right where they are, in their outdoor homes.

Join us in getting the truth out by doing the following:

Share this image on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ask people to sign our pledge at GlobalCatDay.org.

Right-click on the image and choose “Save Image As…” to download.

Action Four

Support Cats by Dressing Like One

Get out your cat ears, put on some whiskers, and tell your friends that you support compassionate laws! Here’s how to do it:

Put on your cat garb.
Strike a pose and snap a selfie.
Post it on social media with a message like “All cats deserve compassionate laws! Sign the Global Cat Day Pledge at globalcatday.org.

Don’t forget to hashtag! All of these would work: #GlobalCatDay, #AlleyCatAllies #choosecompassion #meow #catsofinstagram.
If you don’t have any cat attire, just take a picture of your cat, or any animal you spend time with, or even a celebrity you think looks like a cat.

Action Five

Share the Truth about Living Indoors

Many community cats are feral. Feral cats can’t live indoors and could even hurt themselves trying to get back outdoors to the places they call home. Some people just don’t know that… yet! Here’s how you can tell them:

Post this image on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Add a hashtag or two (or six): #GlobalCatDay, #AlleyCatAllies, #catsofinstagram, #communitycats, #choosecompassion, and #futureisfeline.
Tell your friends they can sign our pledge at globalcatday.org.


Keep the Compassion Going

The pledges from Global Cat Day will help Alley Cat Allies make the case to policymakers that their constituents want compassionate laws for cats. In addition, if you’d like, you can reach out directly! Here’s a quick how-to on contacting your local representatives:

  1. Visit facebook.com/townhall.
  2. Submit your address.
  3. Click the "contact" button next to your local and state representatives.
  4. Hit "message" or "email" button and send a comment like this: I support compassionate policies for cats who call the outdoors their home. Find out more about community cats and sign the pledge to protect them at globalcatday.org.

Facebook Townhall